Damn...I'm Really Not Good At This

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So umm yeah...This blogging thing.
I'm obviously not too consistent with it. I'll either try to get this up and running, or eventually I'll just delete this.

Nothing against any readers, I guess this just isn't my forte.

I will however still be rapping so I guess check back occasionally for releases and shit.

Other than that....peace.

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Blank&AGE - Time Skips

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New track by my dudes producer Blank and rapper AGE. 15 and 16 respectively. Expect some more shit from them and collaborations between them and I in the future. Hit me up if you're interested in working with them. We'll make something happen.

Blank&AGE - Time Skips

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Music Right Now...

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At the beginning of the year, I was a fan of a lot of artists. What seemed like dope lyrics at the time always moved me and I was downloading new tapes and being impressed.

But now, everything's different.

60% of the artists I used to like, I don't like anymore. I started being more observant, more judgmental(about lyricism). I couldn't base liking your music on just delivery.

The simple lyricism I hear; the basic, elementary similies; the soft spoken, hipster flow; I'm just not feeling it anymore.

Even in my age group, all I hear is rhyming, barely any memorable lyricism.

So I'm gonna change least for myself.

Even if its somewhat obscure, expect to get your head spun.
[This blog will liven up, be patient]

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Whats Good My "N" Word

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95% of black people say it. Traveling from the plantation to city streets, it started piercing the ears of a slave then somehow we tried to create a euphemism. All we needed to do was be ebony and pronounce 'er' as 'a'.

The word is "nigger", "nigga, "niggah, and I'm sure you've heard it in countless other ways.

I say it too and I'm trying to stop.

But this eloquent young brother(just turned 11 a week or two ago O_O)is trying to eliminate the word altogether.

Its about time we just stopped using it, whether in positive conversation, negative conversation, songs, poems, speeches, period.

Peep what the kid has to say.

I've decided to boycott the word, hopefully you'll do the same.

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I am Frederick Lazarus, a 15 year old emcee from Long Island, New York.

If you've never read this blog before, welcome.

If you used to read this blog, welcome back.
Alright, enough of the bullshit.

First off, I'm back. Haven't blogged in like 4 months, so I'm here starting a clean slate.
Deleted every post.

Second, expect things to go differently. I used to record just to release, but now I'm gonna actually think and plan what I do. Projects will be released. I will be active.
No more laziness on my part.

School might hamper my tempo a little bit, but trust shit will be happening.

I see things in a completely different way than I used to. A lot of the rappers I used to like, I no longer like(no names). A lot of underground dudes, I'm really not feeling, especially ones under 20.

Now, whats next for Frederick Lazarus?

Lazarus Chapters One - Three.

But they will no longer be projects.

They'll be phases. The Beggar comes first.

Expect it to be epic.

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